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Friday, February 3, 2012

Service ChangesMeetings For Metro (Seattle Transit System)

Metro hosts next round of public meetings on fall service changes
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Metro hosts next round of public meetings on fall service changes

Nearly 5,000 transit customers have connected with King County Metro Transit face-to-face and online in recent months to help restructure bus service to be more productive while meeting the needs of more people. That public input has prompted a new round of proposals for September bus service aimed at reducing overcrowding, increasing ridership, and providing service where it’s needed the most. Please note that routes 26, 28X, 31, 48X, 355X, 773 and 775 were previously considered for revision but will now remain unchanged for the time being.

Metro is inviting public comment on the newly revised September service proposals during a second round of public review this month. Six open houses, 14 information tables, and more than a dozen presentations have been scheduled in neighborhoods that would see the most changes under these proposals. Please check our online calendar for a list of these events.

Open Houses (all 6-8 p.m., except as noted below)

Monday, Feb. 13 – Ballard High School
Wednesday, Feb. 15 – Madison Middle School, West Seattle
Thursday, Feb. 16 – Chief Sealth High School, Delridge/White Center
Tuesday, Feb. 21 – Union Station, Downtown Seattle (12-2 p.m.)
Thursday, Feb. 23 – Queen Anne Community Center
Monday, Feb. 27 – Washington Middle School, Central Area/Mount Baker

During this round of open-house meetings, customers will have an opportunity to review the revised proposals and share their comments. That feedback will help shape final September service recommendations that will be forwarded to the King County Council for action this spring (probably in May). Those unable to attend one of these forums can give us their comments via an online survey on Metro’s website.

To learn more about the status of proposed services changes, visit our Have a Say website.