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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Propaganda Alert: Tanker With Million Barrels of Oil Is Ablaze Off Yemen After Pirate Attack

A tanker carrying about 1 million barrels of fuel oil is on fire off the Yemeni coast after pirates used a rocket-propelled grenade to attack the ship in a maritime corridor handling about 20 percent of world trade.

Gee, these "pirates" have some nice toys to play with.

The ship is being towed by two tugs and there is no risk of a spill,

Is that how one eliminates the risk of a spill? A pair of tugs? How exactly will these tugs prevent a rupture or other leak in the hull?

Oops, a little truth slips out:

If it were an attack by pirates and they started the fire, it would be the first such incident, said Harrie Harrison, a spokesman for European Union Naval Force, or EU Navfor. The group has yet to confirm pirates were involved, he said.

If? You mean there is some doubt? And yes it would be a first.

I don't know if there was an accident of some kind and this is a cover story, or an attack was carried out upon the tanker by either anti- or pro-Saleh forces, but this pirate stuff is nonsense.