Frederick Douglass

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them..." Frederick Douglass

Monday, December 12, 2011

OccupySeattle March To The Port Update

Terminals 18 and 5 were shut down. Dozens were arrested.

Some people were injured, I do not know their status. There was some concern about a couple of marchers who were trampled by police on horseback. Pepper spray and flashbang grenades were used, and there was some talk of tear gas, but this is unconfirmed.

Estimates for the turnout range from 300 to 600. My guess is the lower number may be nearer the mark.

The ILWU bosses may not have supported the march but certainly the membership did. Every longshoreman I encountered was enthusiastically supportive, and grateful. The truckers even moreso.

Here's a chronology from the website:

1:25pm: Twitter reports, we have at least 350 energetic people as speakers hype up crowd!
1:30pm: Have begun the march down 4th to the Port of Seattle! Beautiful banner declaring, "Rise and Decolonize!" Beautiful people chanting, "Shut down the West Coast!" and "Whose Streets? Our Streets?"
1:45pm: Live stream reports crowd of 700 marching South on 2nd Ave.
2:00pm: Reports of choppers circling the crowd
2:10pm: Occupy Seattle Twitter reports marching passed the stadiums, taking up 4 lanes of traffic on 4th Ave: "Seahawks supporters cheering us on!"
2:40pm: KIRO tv has live chopper feed, livestream and twitter reports. Sherrif's dept. chopper, as well.
2:50 Almost to the port. King county sheriff helicopter flying right over head- "cop heli noisey. increasing volume of the people!" the energy is awesome!
3:06pm: March approaching Marginal Way! On the global livestream! Seattle Livestream reports we are 1,000 strong!
3:10pm: Port Truckers honking in solidarity! Cops on top of bridge looking down at protestors.
3:15pm: March arriving at the port with cheers and chants and Truckers sound their horns in support! Live stream reports more than a thousand people! the crowd stretches back several city blocks and a second crowd waiting for the marchers at spokane rally point!!
3:25 pm: one entrance to the port shut off, traffic blocked. Police in riot gear and bicycle cops arrive.
3:40pm: reports of 2 arrests. Mic Checks explain how to prevent the arrival of the swing shift and create a blockade for trucks.
3:45pm: second entrance blockaded. all gates to terminal 18, owned by Goldman sacks it shut down!
3:55pm: Witness reports 1 police and 2 coast guard boats.

4:00pm: police prevent worker traffic from exiting the port at end of shift, crowd chants "please let the workers go"
4:10pm: police allow workers to leave port.
4:45pm: The port gates are being blocked. The police have formed bike lines in front of the pickets. " west side of port is shut down for night"
4:50pm: No work will be done at terminal 18 tonight. we shut it down!! on to the next terminal! Contingent staying at termonal 18 to make sure it stays closed. Other group moving to T5
5:00pm car hits two protesters and drives away- witnesses report licence number. witnesses have photos.
5:00pm: witness reports pepper spray, flash bangs? (had 2 loud bangs) used on protesters at 18- some on the sidewalks. barricades and horses used by police as "tools" to control crowd. Police gave no warning before deployment of weapons. 8 -12 arrests
6:00 pm: demonstrators have moved to terminal 5. over 200 picketing, 24 blockading.
6:05pm: after mounted police, tear gas, pepper spray and flash grenades cleared terminal 18 picket is holding down terminal 5.
6:20pm: the police have left.
6:45pm: "The longshore workers are standing by at the union hall waiting for the arbitrator to decide whether they'll be sent to work here. so we need to maintain the picket line for sometime longer. Please stay if you can.
Invite friendst to pier 5 (3443 West Marginal Way SW), we have a lively picket line going there. We have the future of the worker's movement here. Everyone on the picket line is having a great time."