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Monday, December 12, 2011

Today's The Big Day: The OccupySeattle March To The Port

The OccupySeattle March To The Port begins in an hour. Already helicopters are buzzing about over the city.

Please be aware that the on the march we will be confronted by opposition from within and without. The police will be a conspicuous and menacing presence, and will look for any justification to crush the demonstration. This visible challenge will be augmented by a clandestine one by agents from many branches of the state security apparatus. Their role, besides the gathering of intelligence, will be to manufacture a pretext for the police to launch an attack. There will be all manner of plain-clothes provocateurs, running all manner of subterfuges. Remember this is a big day not only for local police, Homeland Security and the FBI etc., but also for the individual saboteurs involved. It is a great opportunity for them to distinguish themselves, impress their bosses, make a name for themselves and advance their careers. There will be promotions to be had for those spooks who can effectively undermine an event of this size and import. It is their job to be dangerous, and today they will be.

So please be careful. Do what you came to do, but do not allow yourself to be provoked. If somebody accuses you of picking their pocket or groping them, just say "it wasn't me officer," and just keep doing what you were doing. Please try not to be distracted or lose your head. The authorities will not only wish to derail the march, they will be looking for a reason to demonize the marchers. Try not to give them one.

Let's make sure that the High Lords of Capital hear us today. Good luck to all

Here's an update from occupyca:

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West Coast Ports Shutdown
by strangecosmos

OAKLAND, California — In coordination with numerous other West Coast “occupy” groups, Occupy Oakland has blockaded the port of Oakland in an attempt to halt the flow of goods which serve to further enrich the capitalist class. These synchronized actions involve blockades in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego and solidarity protests in Hawaii, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, New York and beyond; and though the event has not been endorsed by the ILWU, it was planned in solidarity with rank-and-file dock workers struggling against grain exporter EGT, which has been trying to undermine union contracts. Read on for updates from specific cities.

As of 8 am the port of Oakland is effectively blockaded. Crowd estimates are vague, but there are around 300 protestors at each of the half-dozen Berth entry-points. The numbers continue to swell as protestors march from the West Oakland BART station.

Many buses of riot police have been sighted arriving, but no arrests nor orders to disperse have been reported yet.

Detailed account of events at the port of Oakland:

LOS ANGELES, California — Despite uncharacteristically poor weather and a number of brutal arrests, a mass rally has caused the police to close the Port of Long Beach, which is the largest Port of entry in the United States. LBPD has announced that the demonstration is an unlawful assembly and is attempting to corral the crowd back into a near-by park (ironic, given the resources spent recently getting occupiers out of parks).

PORTLAND, Oregon — Demonstrators have been effective in shutting down two terminals of the Port of Portland, with about 400 protestors at each gate. Police are reported to be targeting specific individuals and preparing to disperse the blockade with riot gear.


10:06AM: Arbitrators give the official word that the Oakland port is shut down.

11:04AM: Day-shift canceled in Portland.
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